Jewelery to go!!

These are a few things I made today to take along to the Farm Chicks Show.
The one on the left is what I call my
"Badge of Honor"
Forgot the one I made last year for the Farm Chicks at our home in AZ..and of course I couldn't go with out one..
I bought the Junk Queen stamped spoon last year at the FC and this year I added on the rhinestone  button from Cindy as well as a few  more chains..surprisingly, it does not weigh my neck down..
I will report on how it did while I was wearing it.

Off tomorrow to Nelson and staying overnight with Cindy at her beautiful cabin at the water's edge..
stayed tuned for more photos!


Christa said...

Love your new "Badge of Honour" I wear mine proudly ...! The "Junk Queen" spoon will be appropriate for wearing as you make your way thru all the exhibitions ... and you will sparkle ... ! You did a fantastic job on the header again ... nice arrangement of photos ... look forward to your blog posts in the next few days ... xoxo

Simone said...

These are wonderful. What beautiful pieces, no doubt you are going to have a wonderful time. I love the fact that they can be added to and become such a great 'ecclectic' mix. Emjoy!!