To the Farm Chicks we go!

Cindy and I will be heading off to the "Farm Chicks" show in Spokane on Friday.
Here is how my vintage shopping cart looks finished.
This was a special gift from Cindy and I wanted to do her proud!
I am sure I will be putting some of her finds in this cart on the weekend!
As you can see there was alot of laundry pegs used to take measurements and hold everything in place.
Vintage lace and buttons finished off the project.
I had fun making the meantime my sewing machine was annoyed with me and made a terrible mess with my bobbin and thread so off I went to get it fixed and a quick button hole lesson.
Who knew that there were so many different bobbin sizes and you needed a specific one for your machine??? I do now..the machine and I made peace with each other and here is my very happy result.

I am sure there is an easier way and when I get my gifted cart from Christa I will get help from Alanna who is a marvelous quiltmaker!
Jim made a great comment saying that he could see that when Cindy and I were much older (than we are now) we both would be pulling these vintage carts along pointing out thrifty things to each other....
he knows us well!
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Christa said...

Amazing ... it looks amazing ...!! You did a great job ... you may not even need help from Alanna with the other one ... I am excited for both you & Cindy ... hope you have a fabulous time and travel safe ... you'll be in my thoughts as I am slaving away with the yard this weekend ... :) xoxo

cindy gibb said...

Looks fabulous. I will feel compelled to fill it up this many times, who knows. It is a good thing it has wheels for trips back to the car!!!! Awww Christa, next year you should join the shenanigans. Enjoy playing in your yard this weekend and think about the money that you are saving by NOT being with us. Start saving as I will as soon as I get back for next year's show.

Log Cabin Studio said...

Have a great time..That shopping cart will be groaning by the end of the trip.

Martha Winger said...

Love this idea! We have a farmer's market close by and this would be so handy to bring home the booty. Have fun on your trip!!!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

You're going to be on stylish shopper! Your cart looks so cute! I love the vintage buttons.