A Day of Milestones

Today would of been my Mom's 87th birthday..she passed away 11 years ago...I am thankful she never had to know about 9/11...we got to visit with Harry yesterday..he looks remarkably well for what he is going thru...Spending most of the day with him today..will try and see if we can spring him free for an hour or so....thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for him and our entire Leuenberger family..they mean so much to us..

another glorious sunrise to celebrate another day.

a flower to celebrate those we have loved and are always in our hearts...


Barbara said...

Keeping your brother in my prayers!

Christa said...

It is a blessing that your mom didn't have see the devastation with 9/11 ... she is at peace ... and knows she is loved ... how wonderful for you to be spending time with Harry ... it must ease your heart to actually be with him living miles apart are difficult at a time like this not knowing how he is doing ... thankful you have a close-knit family to stay in touch ... xoxo