Today we are traveling back to has been a wonderful couple of days spending time with Harry....feeling his positive energy and knowing he is receiving such good was a great day yesterday...he was able to get a 1/2 day pass....we brought him to Brad and Carmen house where we sat outside, went for a walk along the Bow River in the morning sunshine.....had lunch together and had to go back...he had lots of afternoon company with friends driving 4 hours just to come for a visit....we brought him a blizzard as he needs to stop losing weight..( I did offer so me one my extra lbs...but apparently it does not work that way :-)
He is such a great guy and his strength is uplifting for all of here are some similar mountains he loves and lives in as well as photos taken out of the car window on the way here.

top left...3 Valley right..welcome to Alberta
Mtn Rundle @ Bannf


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I'm glad you were able to spend some time with your brother. I'm sure it was a great day for him, too. Hospitals aren't the best places to hang out, so I'll bet getting out of there was good medicine.

Barbara said...

Sounds like a great trip - I'm sure it helps both of you to spend time together. If you figure out how to share those pounds please let us know!

Log Cabin Studio said...

Have a safe trip home....So glad you had a great time with Harry,he is just amazing!!!

Margaret said...

Sounds like a really positive trip Dagmar, quite uplifting for all of you.
Love your photos Mx