Made with love...

With Harry continuing his treatment in Calgary this week...Caroline and I talked about these bracelets I am making and that we will be selling at her Log Cabin Studio in December at her craft faire.... I gather the words together in my head...knowing that with each sale a donation will be made towards the Leukemia Society......I choose my words thoughtfully and carefully..the colors of the beads just seem to come together...even finding the antler in my craft room gave me an idea of how I wanted them to be displayed.
family, hope, love, spirit, blessings, heartfelt, lucky, faith, pray, heart.... the words tumble out...waiting to be worn and a family member or friend remembered in that moment when my bracelet is put on a wrist. 17 out of 25 made so far!


Christa said...

They are beautiful ... and what a perfect way to display them ... Great idea ... I have a feeling that you will be creating a lot more as family and friends will be more than happy to wear the bracelets to support Harry and the Leukemia Society ... I know I will be heading to the Studio ... Xoxox

melody-mae said...

I love the way they are displayed all gorgeous on the antler like that!!!

Are you selling them other than at the fair?