SPCA..... &.....Golf Balls

When you live on a golf course as we get a few balls in your yard...on top of the errant t-shots....Jim golfs with a group of guys 3 times a week......each day he golfs he finds between 12-36 brings them home..bleaches them....sorts them...and packages them up in egg cartons and baggies..all by brand name.....with 100 dozen in our garage we decided to put a table out everyday until we leave to go south and raise money for the 2 afternoons we have raised $26.00...this might means some more food for an animal at the shelter...will keep you posted on the final tally! The SPCA is one of my personal favorite charities..along with World Vision and the Cancer society...there are so many good do you share?


Christa said...

What a lovely idea ... to turn around and offer the lost golf balls to raise funds for the less fortunate animals at the SPCA ... and displaying them in your yard next to the golf course should turn a few heads ... and hopefully tug at their heartstrings to support you ... you & Jim are a special pair ... good luck with your sales ...

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

What a great idea. You are helping out a lot of the furry little guys. I will be clearing out my closet soon and heading over to Goodwill to drop it all off!