Thinking about Harry....

A couple of days ago while in my craft room, I came across this picture of my Mom and was taken on our dock at our lake house in Nelson BC..They were both still in fine health and as I looked at this photo and remembered this moment...(which I have such good memories of)....I knew my parents were watching over Harry as well as Evelyne as they go thru all the tests leading up to Harry's bone marrow transplant mid November....Their love for us 7 kids never wavered..I know their love will help see us all thru this..As my sweet sister Caroline always says.."I see a light at the end of this tunnel...and it isn't a train!" We continue to surround Harry and support Evelyne with all kinds of sisterly and family love...Here is the card I made for Harry...I hope he will be touched and understands all the love we feel for him.


Christa said...

A lovely gift for Harry to treasure ... he is so fortunate to have been born into this family ... Dagmar the card is beautiful ... love your doodling art work ... drive safe as you travel on your way to go see your family ... and me ... see you soon ... xoxo

Log Cabin Studio said...

He will love it Dagmar,
See you soon.