A gift of caring

My friend Shannon gave me such an amazing gift this past weekend! A spa weekend at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel..a jewel in the desert...bliss is the only way I can describe it...dinner out every night, room service breakfast...on demand movies..and the spa...just wonderful...I truly hope that each one of you have a chance to be spoilt or spoil someone with a spa day! Thank you Shannon!

Christmas at the Fairmont..absolutely beautiful! I wish I could of gotten better photos or more of them...but was so cold..not outside pools for us this weekend! The indoor spa was beautiful!
top 3 photos are the Fairmonts..last photo is mine.


Christa said...

What a lovely gift from a dear friend ... you are one special person and so deserving of a Spa Day !!! Looks like a great place to visit ... hmmm ... maybe one day ... !!! xoxo

Margaret said...

what an amazing gift, you so deserve a bit of me time. Mx