A tree for Harry and Jill

This tree represents so much love and hope.....after 2 weeks and 3 days after his stem cell transplant...and most of that time feeling like a freight train ran over him and might back up and get him again..Harry got the good news today that his numbers are steadily going up...he has been able to eat and drink on his today he got his pass to become an "Outpatient."..... he gets to spend most of his days as well as his nights at the condo that they rented in Calgary for 5 months! He has to go to the hospital every day for tests, etc., then every other day and so on...until mid March! In order to celebrate this wonderful day...our sister Caroline, had a friend deliver one of her Bull River Christmas trees to the condo..Jill plans to decorate it with all the cards they received filled with love, prayers and blessing...What a happy happy day for our entire family and friends!
We are so grateful for this moment!

photo from google..borders by photogene and I....:)


Christa said...

Just the best news ever for you and your family ... and to receive a Bull River Christmas tree is "Priceless" ... !!!
Even though they will not be going home for Christmas ... it will be so special to spend it all together at the Condo ... !! I love the idea of Jills' to decorate the tree with all the cards they received ... and I'll continue to send love & light ... !!! xoxoo

cindy gibb said...


Log Cabin Studio said...

The best Christmas gift that Harry is doing so well...

koralee said...

What joy you share my friend...xoxoxo I am so happy for Harry and the rest of the family!! xoxo