Travelling to Panama

We are heading to Panama for the month of January 2012 ...we have rented a condo on the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean..we will have a car and plan to explore the country in the month that we are has always been one of the countries we had hoped to visit...
Both Jim and I we are really excited about this new adventure.
I am planning on continuing to blog and take lots of photos..
I am sure I will constantly be amazed by the country and its people.

Panama is the southernmost of the Central American nations, Panama is south of Costa Rica and north of Colombia. The Panama Canal bisects the isthmus at its narrowest and lowest point, allowing passage from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Panama is slightly smaller than South Carolina. It is marked by a chain of mountains in the west, moderate hills in the interior, and a low range on the east coast. There are extensive forests in the fertile Caribbean area.


koralee said...

Joy joy joy....what fun you will have my travels. xoxoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see your pictures~ever since I saw "The Tailor of Panama" I've wanted to go there! I'll be living vicariously through you! You're going to have the best time!
Happy New Year, Dagmar!

Simone said...

oooh, sounds lovely, look forward to viewing your photos. It is not a place I know a lot about, so should be very interesting. Have a wonderful trip!

Barbara said...

Sounds like fun! Thanks for taking us along!!

maureen said...

Oh how wonderful! I hope you have a fabulous time. I will also be looking forward to seeing the country through your lens.
I hope you have a wonderful New Year full of blessings.