Artworks in Boquete

This painting was in the common area at Villa Marita..along with their tame white was a colorful place to have breakfast as well as use their wifi.

There were a few of these statues scattered around the grounds..they looked old and perfectly placed to give a sense of history of how old this country is.

These charming painting were in a real estate office..I find if I ask if I may take a picture, most are happy you have shown an interest. Lovely aren't they?

I bought a small handmade tile from this shop...but I would of loved to buy this one that was framed..$320.00 would of been worth that price as I know the hours that would of taken to make this!

These two sisters were the artists as well as the wrappers and cashiers...on the right side you can see the tiles they are working on..They never spoke any English but their sweetness was evident.

The young girl in the pink was working on these tiles as I was admiring her work.

Wish I would of bought this one as well..These are the houses on stilts over the water in Bocas del Toro..we never made it up that far, another time perhaps.


Christa said...

These girls are so talented ... beautiful artwork on the tiles ... I love how bright all the colours are throughout the area on everything and seems to be everywhere ... xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

How could you not be happy looking at those? The colors and the subjects just look joyful!