seashells, sea glass and crochet thread

When we are not travelling around Panama seeing the countryside, we can be found walking the beach, sitting around the pool or under the shade Palapas keeping busy making little friendship bracelets are a big hit...I thought adding some shells would be fun...and here are a few I made...

this is my necklace..the prototype....I am so happy wearing these colors...good thing I have found a lot of shells with small holes in the top of them..makes it easy to thread them thru the crochet thread.


Christa said...

Wow ... you have been busy making this bracelet ... looks great ... the shells add a nice touch ... love the sea glass ... keep crafting ... !!! xoxo

koralee said...

Just look at you go my creative! I know you are a bracelet girl!
You will be back in Az. soon! Enjoy your last few days my friend. xoxoxo Hugs