Colors of Panama...

Morning is going to be another beautiful day....should be about 91 today's with a cooling off-shore breeze!

Hot and bright colors on the food labels!

Tomorrow we will be traveling to Boquete..@4000'.....400 km NE of here..we will be staying for 2 nights, see the coffee plantations, the volcano, the beautiful flowers in the valley....I am sure my camera will be busy taking photos to share.
Update..we will delay our trip by a week because of the large crowds that will be for the flower rooms to be had!

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Christa said...

Beautiful sunrise for you ... I am in -40 degree with the windchill and blowing snow in AB ... so cold ... not able to go out with the kids ... little warmer in BC -11 ... !!! Enjoy your splendid weather ... miss u lots ... xoxoxo