None of these lovely handmade items made it home with me...{yet}...I wish I would of taken more photos....but after walking thru blocks of churches, restored building, ruined buildings..I was so hot and hungry all Jim and I wanted was a cool air conditioned cafe to have a cool one and eat... here are a few that I feel in love with.......

I know now that my hat ( bought from the sweet little lady that made it in La Pintada) was a bargain...This one in Casco Vijeo was $85.00.....$40.00 more than I paid for mine! :) sweet!



koralee said...

Oh I love that first bag...I love buying handmade local goodies.
We have so much snow here my is cozy.
Have a good day exploring..or is it a beach day?

Christa said...

Fasniating craftsmanship with those lovely bags ... I'm sure one will find it's way into your suitcase.... !!!! Xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I LOVE that hat! What a fun souvenir!