Langostinos (aka shrimp but different)

These were the boats coming in today..not sure which one held the Langostinos ...but which ever one they were, they were delicious! I steamed them and just added lemon! It was ❤ at first bite.
Our new friends from Grand Forks, BC. Carol and Len, from the condo upstairs gave me 4 {Jimmy does not do fish}...a trade for baggies..good deal, eh?.... they close that fishery here at the end of the month, so when the boats come in it is a big rush to get in line..they also were cleaned for me!


koralee said...

To me they look yummy! Thank you so much for your daily posting my is fun to see what you are up to each day.
Hope your day is filled with wonderful adventures. xoxox

Margaret said...

oh yum and double double yum!! Mx

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Mmmm.Those look good! But they're not shrimp?

Christa said...

They look delicious ... !!! Making my mouth water ... so glad you are enjoying your time there ... !!! xoxo