On the way to Boquete...

Our current location (Gorgano) is the green dot on the right side and the red dot shows Boquete..Costa Rica is just off the map to the left.... this is where we are heading today and staying 2 nights.......Boquete is surrounded by spectacular mountains at 4000'...renown for its flower festivals, coffee, and handicrafts...So we are out the door and off to see this charming town.

btw...if you have an iPad and want to take a photo of what you have on your screen..just hit the home button and toggle the off/switch at the same should here a taken and sent to your photo eh..?


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

That's a great tip! My hubby just got an IPad for work, but I've been playing with it a lot.

Christa said...

Looks like quite the trip ... can't wait to see the pictures that you take along the way ... i'm enjoying your holiday with you ... miss u ... xoxo