Panama Canal...

The history of the canal is intriguing and complex...this is a really good read if you are interested.. HERE
Last week we went to the Panama Canal Museum in Casco learn about of the history that went into building it before going on a canal tour! On Saturday we travelled 72km...(45 miles)...from Pacific to Atlantic in 10 hours by boat... to think this was built almost 100 years ago....simply amazing and awe inspiring..On our bucket list..checked off!
Here are a few of 155 photos that made the cut!

The Pacific Queen...our tour boat holding 300 passengers.

Early morning Panama City was a little humid already at 7:00 am..

Amazing ship in harbor...wouldn't this be a dream sail?

Almost 100 years old...what an engineering feat...still going strong and to be expanded for the super-super tankers...

The walls of the canal behind us..the water rose or deleted in the locks in 8 minutes..what a feeling it was to have the water rise under the boat so quickly...42 tankers, ships, cruise ships, boats go thru the canal in a 24 hour period...50 or 60 boats were waiting on the Pacific.... The Panama Canal Authority sees gross income of more than $3 billion dollars per year, and about two thirds of that is spend on manpower, maintenance, and the logistics required to keep the canal operating. Add on top of that the ongoing project to expand the Panama Canal (with a budget of $5.25 billion dollars).It makes money, cuts down traveling time by 22 days that it used to take going around Cape Horn ,Tierra Del Fuego and Straits of Magellen....The Panamanian people are hopeful that their standard of living will improve.


Log Cabin Studio said...

pretty amazing Dagmar.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Things like this fascinate me! I still remember watching Pres. Carter sign the Panama Canal Treaty on TV. What a great day of sight seeing!

Clare B said...

Panama Canal City looks so big - I'm surprised. I expected it not to be so developed.

Christa said...

Oh Dagmar ... it's amazing ... loved the city skyline ... didn't think the buildings would be like that ... so modern ... love the picture of you and Jim ... you two look so happy on enjoying this little venture ... this trip may be added to my bucket list ... xoxo