Virgen del Carmen....

Statues of Mary are everywhere here in this lovely churches as well as in shrines along the roads...however, this country has a great love for the Virgen del Carmen. She has been adopted as their patron by sailors and fishermen in towns and villages....The Virgen del Carmen also battles pirates. According to Taboga lore, (a small series of islands off the coast of Panama) a pirate ship attempted an attack on the island. When the pirates reached the shores of Isla Taboga, they met an enormous army face to face that was headed by a beautiful woman. The pirates were terrorized by the vision and fled back to their boat. To this day, Taboganos are convinced that it was the Virgin del Carmen who saved them, and each year on July 16th the patron saint blesses the fleet in Taboga Bay.
These photos are taken as a tribute to our sweet daughter in-law, Carmen...I hope she will love the story behind her name!


Christa said...

Interesting bit of history ... can only imagine the fear in those pirates eyes ... beware of us women out there !!! lol xoxo

Dagmar said...

I love it!

Thank you for writing that!

I also really like that "Carmen" can scare away Pirates!!!!!

Have a great time, safe travels, and we are really happy that your having
such a great time!  Your apartment is perfect for the two of you!

Embrace it...and Enjoy

Love Carmen