Just hanging dry

The best part of laundry day is hanging things out to dry..
so lucky that our walls are high enough
that I can hang laundry outside in the back garden
in privacy..
The smell of pillow cases that have been outside drying,
is one of my fondest memories as a young girl!


GardenofDaisies said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE linens that are dried on the line in the sunshine.

Christa said...

There's just something about hanging laundry out on the line on a beautiful sunny day ... it's almost therapeutic ... gives you a peaceful feeling ... (well at least for me it does ...) and then when you bring them in ... you could just nuzzle into the freshness ... soon spring will be here and I'll be able to hang my laundry out ... right now they would be frozen ... that's a little to fresh for me ... !!! xoxo