Excellent Adventure....

I call our road trips "Excellent Adventures".
I make up a picnic to take along...a good map and a general direction of
where we want to go to..
These are the wild flowers blooming in the desert
at this time..
We traveled about 200 miles round trip
checking out little shops along the way...this was in 
Miami, Az...a small mining town that is known
for its good antique shops..I was really surprised to see them open on the past when we came thru here they have been closed on Sundays.

The bridge over the Roosevelt Lake..most of these photos 
I took out of the truck window, that might account
for the  fuzzy factor.
This lake is a summer time haven for houseboats, sailboats,
fishing boats and camping in the many campgrounds along the lake. 

Picnic time...easy to make sandwiches that pack well, 
apples, as well as strawberries...a wonderful way to 
spend a day travelling down 
the country roads of AZ.
 It was a great day!

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Christa said...

Looks like you had a great day on your excellent adventure ... Love the photos you took ... a beautiful day for a picnic ... !!! xoxo