An Excellent Adventure

I like to call our picnic trips.."Excellent Adventures"..sounds rather more fun to me..
Yesterday we took off at about 9:00am. We did a round trip over the mountains on mostly dirt logging roads to Princeton and back here by about 4:00.....around 200km! Saw some wonderful scenery and had a riverside picnic on the old Dewdney Trunk Trail....using my old plaid thermos for a warm cup of was just the thing we needed as the weather was cool...hopefully you have or will take the time to have an EA for yourself❤


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

It looks like an excellent adventure! Beautiful campground.
The weather has been cool, here, too.

koralee said...

ok...way toooo much fun my friend. My husband loves to take day trips..this would of been a blast for him.{and me}
We were visiting my mom and dad in Oliver this weekend. Not as sunny as I wanted.
Your guys are adorable! xoxo

Christa said...

Love "Excellent Adventures" ... specifically if it entails a fishing trip as well ... !!! Being outdoors is excellent no matter where you are ... !!! Looks like you had a great time ... !!! xoxo