Cookies ❤

I always want to have just a few cookies on hand over the holidays, to gift or enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee...

I was having a FaceTime chat with Christa the other day and told her of my hiking moment when this guy who had his shirt off with his 6 pack abs came down the trail with his girlfriend. I was already out of breath as I was climbing up the trail so all I could do was gawk! This is her interpretation of our sweet is this gingerbread boy?


Tammy said...

ha-ha! cute cookie. Have a great day. Tammy

Christa said...

What a surprise to see my cookie being posted ... had I known I would have done a better job portraying 6-pack abs ... just too funny ... !!! Mike & I were cracking up ... !!! Great post sweetie ... !!! He may find his way to you so that you will have a reminder of your hike ... !!! xoxo