I made this little bunny for my dear friend Frosso, she choose the name 'Nella' as it is a shortened form for little female rabbit in Cyprus. I get to give it to her when she and Robert stay overnight here in a couple of weeks. She was fun to make, with material I already had around in my craft room. Years ago I had found this exquisite piece of crochet, a little collar I think, it was the perfect thing for little Nella. I even found a pink bunny button in my collection..complete with a green crocheted trim on her bloomers, she will be ready to make Frosso smile!


Log Cabin Studio said...

Frosso will love her,I love her little cute!!

Maureen said...

Aw... they are just adorable! You do such beautiful work Dagmar... really, so cute!

Winifred said...

They are absolutely gorgeous. Must show them to my granddaughter tomorrow. She loves things like this. I'll probably have to have a go at making one with her.