At this time of the year, the lavender is blooming in many of the gardens here in the Okanagan. It is wonderful to see and smell this easy growing plant..beautiful to look at, easy to grow and maintain as well as one of the most fragrant plants you can have in your garden. I have started to harvest and dry are few photos I took of the process.....lavender sachets will soon be made..


Una said...

Excellent photos. I can almost smell the lavender.

Maureen said...

How beautiful! I have never tried growing lavender; I thought it was difficult to grow - but I guess your climate is just perfect for it (not to mention your green thumb!) What wonderful sachets it will make!

Christa said...

I love the scent of lavender ... and that is one of my favourite soaps with the lavender in it that Kendall makes ... !!! xoxo