Pyrex at the Beach

Cindy lucked out finding this set of "Friendship" pyrex at a thrift store in Spokane, had I found it before her, it would of become part of her birthday present. I gave her a small "Friendship" bowl last year and as luck would have it, I found her a larger bowl at the Farm Chicks. Our good pyrex luck just kept happening...{pink, Opal white and tourquoise for me,} but Cindy just kept finding such pieces in mint condition for a couple of dollars each!
Here are her finds!


Tammy said...

It's all so lovely and it looks like you had a fantastic time. Hope you had a safe trip back home. Best wishes, Tammy

Maureen said...

Beautiful! I must admit it though; that orange set is mine - I still use it everyday! (along with a beigy-brown set with blue graphics). They were wedding shower gifts from 33 years ago!