Helping the SPCA..

Jim has done such a great job helping raise funds for the SPCA..Claire was his helper over the weekend to put out the golf balls, she took great pleasure helping him put the golf balls on the table. Our goal is to raise more than $1032.00 which was the total we raised last year. Since June 6th, we have raised $881.00.....we are well on our way. Way to go Jim and Claire❤


koralee said...

Way too adorable for must be having the time of your life with your sweet little one! JOY! xoxo

Christa said...

I can see that Claire really enjoys spending time with Opa ... how sweet for her to help putting out the golf balls and knowing that this is to raise money for animals at the SPCA ... way to go Jim ... I'm sure that you will reach your goal ...!!! xoxo