Little "Karolina"

This is a very special bunny that I handmade for Claire..she is named after my mother "Karolina". Her ears and top of her head are made from a Shetland sweater that belonged to my Mom. Jeremy's dad, Peter brought this sweater home with him on holidays from the Shetland Islands many many years ago. She loved this sweater.
When my mom passed away in 2010, the sweater became mine. I felted it and I continue to make sure that pieces of it is reloved and repurposed.


GardenOfDaisies said...

Your Karolina is so cute! And I love that you made her from your Mom's sweater. That is such a sweet way to honor and remember her, and keep her near.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Claire will be very excited having a new bunny - how lovely you called her Karolina!

How very resourceful of you D, felting and reusing such a precious jersey in a beautiful way.

I'm still deciding on my new mode of computing - what a mission. I wish I had someone close to me with real expertise in this area!
However it won't be long before I can sit up in bed early in the morning and visit my blog pals around the world (I've always been a very early riser and find it so hard to stay in bed, except when I'm blogging)!!!

Shane xox

Anonymous said...

What a cute Bunny it makes a perfect gift.
Julie C

Christa said...

How wonderful for these children to receive these bunnies with a part of their Oma's well loved sweater ... A love that will continue to grow throughout their lives ...!!! xoxo