Coffee and bakery treats...

Those of you who know my husband


you know that he has a sweet tooth and can ferret out a bakery

from miles away.

He has been successful here in Panama.

Delightfully so!





Maureen said...

Well done! Looks delish!

koralee said...

Tee hee....what a good man that Jim of yours is...a man with a sweet-tooth is a keeper for sure. Sending you oodles of love...xoxoxo

Log Cabin Studio said...

Glad you found a great bakery for Jim to enjoy!!!
Do they serve pie?

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Good for Jim - it's one of my priorities too!!
Food looks yummy Dagmar.

Christa said...

Oh … I would be right there with him … love my sweet treats too … that coffee looks amazingly delicious … !!! mmmmmm xoxo