The day started out with this beautiful sunrise.

Then breakfast and a walk for a couple of miles on the


No one in sight....

It is quiet and peaceful.

We are on the 8th floor..

110 steps to the pool. I am going down them every day

as well as trying to hike up them everyday as well.

It will get easier and it is a great way to keep in shape on holidays.

Now that we have our groceries in the fridge, our meals semi planned

we are starting to see our old friends that we met 2 years ago as well as

meeting many more Canadians that vacation here.


Thinking of our Dad today..

The 20th anniversary of his passing!

We will all raise a glass tonight in his memory.







Maureen said...

Beautiful photos Dagmar - looks like paradise! Love the sea glass.

Tammy said...

How lovely! Enjoy your time. Best wishes, Tammy

koralee said...

How are blessed my friend. I am sure you will have fond memories of your dad today...hugs. xoxox

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Panama looks magical. What a beach.
I can sense you're unwinding D - it's wonderful to shed daily life and breathe the sea air!

Christa said...

Stunning pictures Dagmar … what a beautiful collage …I love all your little treasures that you found. A lovely day to sit back and reflect on memorable times with your dad …. sending love & light xoxo