Hiking and swimming..Day 5...

Such a good day to be a little grandchild in
Right after breakfast, we headed
out for a hike.
We were armed with long pants, hats, lots of water, sunscreen
as well as a small bag of treats for Claire.
We hiked our short hike, 2.2 miles.
We were so impressed with Claire, did she ever have fun and hike well.
She saw lots of horses on the trial which were a highlight for her.
She sang songs most of the time.
In the afternoon we all went swimming.
Jeremy and Julie are having fun in Vegas and Claire is
having fun and we love her
being here with us!



Maureen said...

Wow how lucky you both are for these wonderful days. Awesome photos! Love your new header too!

Barbara said...

She has gotten so big!! I know you are in heaven when you spend time with her!

Christa said...

Yeah ... pool time ... !!! they could spend hours playing and floating around in the pool ... great to see ... xoxo