Sunday 6

Claire slept like a log, she didn't

wake up until 6:00am.

We crafted in the morning then

we went on a short train ride at Schnepf Farms.

Claire bought some vegetables and Jim had a wonderful

cinnamon bun. Their blueberry muffin was so delicious as well.

We are off for a swim and then pick up Jeremy and Julie

at 6:30.

What a lovely day it has been already!




Maureen said...

What a lucky little girl - you sure have fun plans set out for her. No wonder she sleeps like a log! I'll bet you are too! ;)

Log Cabin Studio said...

Really cute photos Dagmar.I am glad you are having such a wonderful visit with Claire,she is so sweet!!!

Wayne W said...

We can tell from the comments and pictures that you and Jim are having a terrible time with your granddaughter. We are jealous.

Christa said...

So much fun ... it is wonderful to see Claire so happy ... !!! Special moments for all ... xoxo

JBrown said...

Love the pictures, mom :)