You would think.....

Those of you who know me well would think I craft all day.

Well sometimes I do.

I love the creative process and having a well stocked craft room

is such a blessing.

It is thanks to my very talented husband,


that I have such a wonderful and dedicated space to craft in!


Here are a few of the things I am working on at the moment.

Or are being re-arranged.

I hope you take the time to be creative this week!



Christa said...

LOL ... yes I do know you well and know that you sometimes do craft all day ... I love how passionate you are with your crafting ... these are beautiful pictures that you have posted ... xoxo

Maureen said...

Lovley Dagmar; yes having a dedicated craft room is wonderful. I am so glad to be back in it after a few weeks of busyness!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Yep, sometimes that's all I do, too -- or at least I try. Always lovely when it happens. Best wishes, Tammy