Around the house...

The strong meds are working well.

Less coughing, sleeping better and just a bit more energy.

I picked some flowers, took a few photos

as well as re-arranging my pyrex.

That was enough for the day.

We removed the wooden doors above the microwave.
They will be replaced with glass inserted
into the wooden frames as well
as three glass shelves.



Lorrie said...

Your Pyrex collection looks amazing all together and organized like that! Beautiful.
Glad that you are feeling better. Don't rush it.

Log Cabin Studio said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.
Your pyrex collection looks wonderful.

Una said...

I love those roses!! What a good idea to have glass doors and shelves. Now everyone can enjoy your Pyrex collection.

Christa said...

Great pictures ... can't believe how much Pyrex you have collected ... I think putting in glass on the cupboard doors is a really good idea ... that way they will be in full view for you to admire ... !!! xoxo

Maureen said...

What a great idea! Why not show that wonderful collection... so cool Dagmar!