Under the weather..

For some reason I always feel like baking
when I am feeling under the weather. It seems like cinnamon buns do the trick,
to say nothing of how happy
was when he came home to these tasty treats.
Now, I just have to get rid of the nasty cold.
Maybe I will have a cinny bun with my morning coffee.
Happy June 1st!




Log Cabin Studio said...

A cinnamon bun and a cup of tea always makes you feel better!!
Get well soon!!

Maureen said...

Oh take care Dagmar! You have been so busy taking care of others, you need to pamper yourself. (Good start with those yummy buns!) Hope you are better soon.

Christa said...

They look delicious and I agree they are perfect with a nice piping hot cup of coffee ... Hope you start to feel better ... !!! xoxo