Day 3 - Arrived safely...

The final day driving is always more

relaxing, as we almost

always never travel as far on the last day.

We left Las Vegas at 5:30 and arrived here

close to 1:30, travelling

345 miles.

By the time we stopped for breakfast,

gas and lunch, the day was pretty full.

We got all the things out of the car, put out the outdoor

cushions and got the fountain running.

The garden looks lovely.

Tomorrow we will enjoy having our coffee outside.

Here are a few windshield photos,

mostly just the desert as well and some huge and amazing

boulder formations.




Log Cabin Studio said...

So glad you arrived safe and sound in your Arizona home!
Chat soon

Christa said...

Happy to hear you made it ... enjoying the sights along the way from your window. I am sure it will not take you long to settle in once more and then you'll be going on your hikes again !!! xoxo