The garden survived...

It was literally one of the hottest summer here in


Record high tempetures, major dust storms

as well torrential rains.

In our development,

the wind uprooted many well established

large trees.

We have a walled garden. Safely sheltered from

the more brutal elements.

The garden is lush and green,

it is amazing how little water we use because we planted many

native and desert plants.

It was a wise move more than 7 summers ago

when we bought and had our

home built.

My banners have become faded,

however, they still dance happily in the breeze.



1 comment:

Christa said...

Oh my goodness ... hard to believe you have been travelling that many years to Arizona already ... I remember how your backyard look at the beginning. It is so beautiful now ... love all your photos !!! xoxo