Getting ready....

This week I have spent my time well, tidying up the house,

the outdoor pots, cutting back any perennials,

putting the garden to rest as we are getting ready to head to

Arizona for the winter,

on Saturday.

Usually by this time we would have been there already.Going a bit later has given us more time to enjoy these last few weeks of October.

It used to feel strange not seeing all our personal stuff for nearly 6 months,but because we have another home, different friends,

it is always an adventure.

We take a couple days to drive there, as it is 1662 miles between our two homes. We always try to take a different route,

but after 10 years, we know most of the roads quite well.

We are always in the lookout to see something we might have missed in previous trips.







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Christa said...

Beautiful photos ... I am excited for you and Jim ... enjoy your travels. LUL xoxo