Packing for Panama....

This year we will be going to Panama for 3 months.

We leave on January 4.

Packing my clothes isn't a problem.

I will take a few cotton dresses, sleeveless tops, shorts,

a couple of skirts, several bathing suits, a cover up, and a light cotton sweater.

Throw in 2 pairs of Croc flip flops, my Merrill walking shoes,

a pair of runners and

I am all set.

My dilemma is what crafts to take!

This year I am going to mix it up a bit, I am taking more journalling supplies, watercolours,

fine tipped colored pens and pencil crayons.

I will take along my crochet hooks, beads and cotton thread.

I am in the process of laying it all out to be what best suits my needs.

Taking the items I know I can't get there.

My journals are taking shape, I plan to alter the covers of my Moleskin ones

and have found several inspiring ones on Pinterest

that have caught my fancy.

Here is what I have done so far.

I am going to sew the postcard onto the cover.

These are a few of the wonderful journals from


that I love.



1 comment:

Christa said...

Oh I am sure that the crafting supplies will be an issue ... you have so many things you love to create ... Perhaps you will start a few new projects that are special in the Panama area. Have fun with whatever you do. xoxo