The techie in me.....

My new IPad Air 2 is lightening fast.

I love this amazing technology.

The world is in your hands,

friends and family to keep in touch with

at the push of the

FaceTime, or Message button.

Video's of Claire, Alexander and little Myla

in my inbox to see their latest


Messaging, sharing photos, music, recipes and books.

My new skin is bright and colourful,

it will always be easy to find.

Thanks Jimmy for making those extra

trips to the

Apple Store

in San Tan Market so I could decide which

one was the best choice for me.

Trading my older Ipad in to upgrade to this

new model

was a good choice.



Log Cabin Studio said...

I know I can always come to you for some techno advice.
You go girl!!!

Christa said...

Oh my goodness ... love the new cover on your NEW iPad ... !!! Hoping I will get my new one soon as I already have ordered the skin ... !!! lol xoxo