Happy 4th Birthday, Claire....

As with most little girls her age,


loved the movie and all things


She is a sweet, funny, smart and a very kind little girl.

She has a mind of her own, she is well mannered but

definitely has a mischievous streak.

How quickly these 4 years have passed.

Oh how this little one touches my heart!

She is so special to us.






Log Cabin Studio said...

Happy birthday Claire!!!
It is hard to believe that she is already four.
Our little grandbabies are growing up way to quick!!

cindy gibb said...

Happy Birthday to Claire!

Winifred said...

She is a little beauty. I love her Belle dress. My granddaughter Lauren has one. Like Claire she has very dark hair & suits the colour.

They grow up so quickly. Even quicker than our children did.
Happy birthday Claire!