Why We Love Panama...

It's the climate and it's the people.

It's the ocean, it's the mountain, valleys and scenery.

It's the fresh produce. It's the flowers.

It has wonderfully modern areas, it's got a lot of history.

It's warm and it's so interesting.

I am so looking forward to learning Spanish.

I know my Mom would be proud

that we are having this adventure.

Here's a few photos of our trip there in January of this year.



Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Of course I know you will enjoy every moment of your time there. Best wishes, Tammy

Log Cabin Studio said...

You must be getting so excited!!!

Winifred said...

Brilliant photographs! Those flowers look lush & what lovely houses.
Panama looks wonderful. Been looking at a Panama Canal cruise for March recently as I fancied seeing the new canal being built. Keeping my fingers crossed they have some cabins left & I can persuade my husband to part with the dosh for it.

Best of luck with your Spanish. I try to keep mine up but I don't get to Spain very often now. I do have some Michel Thomas CDs which are really good. Must get them out again!