Day 4 & 5..

Buying fresh fruit off a roadside truck

is definitely the way to purchase

your produce here.

Having it with your yogurt for breakfast over looking the

ocean is just wonderful.

Today the morning walk was a good one for collecting shells.

Jim even found a small piece of sea glass for my Cindy.

A quick dip in the pool and the we are heading

out to see where we might stay for the next month.

I hope you are enjoying our time with us

here thru my photos.



Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Those shells with the little holes are perfect for making necklaces, or even garlands. I have a friend in Dubai who collects shells like that and then strings them up and they are hanging in her bathroom. Quite pretty! Best wishes, Tammy

cindy gibb said...

Yay, thank you Jim!

Christa said...

Beautiful photos and the fresh fruit looks amazingly delicious ... !!! xoxo