Week 2...

The days have fallen into a rhythm already.

Up at 5:30 to watch the sunrise.

Coffee on the balcony.

Watching Nico clean the pools.

A long walk on the beach.

Meeting all kinds of dogs with their human kind.

Swim and dry off.

Up to the condo to have another coffee and breakfast.

Then the earnest fun begins.

Swimming laps, reading, meetings friends, meeting new people.

Surprisingly enough, most are Canadians.

Occasionally tidying up and I even had time to crochet a necklace.

Then a glass of wine around 5:00

Oh, this is a good life.

Enjoying the quiet of the weekdays.









Log Cabin Studio said...

Love the photo of you with a glass of wine!!!

Christa said...

Now that's chilli's ... !!! Happy you are enjoying yourself. Beautiful photos ... xoxo

Tammy said...

Looks and sounds absolutely perfect! :)