Cleaning up....picking up....

Even in such a beautiful place as the Bahai

here in Gorgona, Panama,

there are problems.

The garbage is careless thrown out

of the car window or left at the beach without a thought of the damage it can do

as well as how unsightly it is.

Three of us met

@7:00 am

to pick up the garbage on the short road leading into to Bahai.

Nico, our hard working caretaker was able to understand

that we needed three garbage bags.

("Nico, puede usted por favor me conseguir tres bolsas de basura de plástico".)

We filled them all.

Patrick, Elizabeth and I got to have a visit with Bahai dog.

Elizabeth rescued her, had her spayed and took care of her Vet bills.

She now lives at the guard house, a bit cautious but looking at

Elizabeth with love and thanks..

We all can make a difference in our own small ways.




Log Cabin Studio said...

What a great clean-up crew!

Christa said...

Thank goodness there are people like you that care about this beautiful place and doing your part to keep it that way. xoxo