Our weekend....

Nothing much has changed much weather wise.

We are still waiting for the rain to come and get rid of the smoke.

It is still very very grey and smokey,

but just before dusk,

we saw this rainbow.

Good bye sweet friend,

you made this world a much better place with

your love and kindness.

You will be sorely missed.


Lorrie said...

Rain has fallen here during the night and it's cloudy and windy. I hope the rain drifts over your direction.
Beautiful photos of what's going on in your home. I'm sorry for the loss of your beautiful friend.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Gorgeous photos, so glad the skies are clearing. Sorry for your loss.
Thanks for the visit and comment about my fall foxes. :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I just read Denise's blog. So very sad that she was given the clear and sent along her way. With aggressive cancer, the doctors should have been more aggressive in their follow-up. Best wishes, Tammy

Christa said...

Beautiful pictures ... It is sad that your friend has passed on. Your memories will live on forever. May she rest in peace. xoxo