Having a great day....

After taking Claire to her morning kindergarten class,

we drove downtown Vancouver.

Oh my, the traffic is insane, driving thru the lower

east side is always such an eye opener.

There are so many homeless and street people along this part of Granville Street.

As you cross Cambie street, it opens up to

such a different dynamic.

We had to get our Visa's for our stay in Thailand.

Since we leave here in December, we needed one for the 3 months we are away.

Thankfully, they will mail them out to us tomorrow,

saving us having to go back to downtown.

After we picked up Claire from her class,

We went for a nice long walk.

She loved the acorns she found as well as their caps.

Here she tried her hand at taking a photo of Jim and I!

No bad I would say.





Country Gal said...

Lovely photos !

Christa said...

Beautiful photos, looks like you had a great time together. Claire did a great job with taking your picture. I love when my grandchildren want to take pictures with my camera. xoxo