Around the house...

I wanted to see how the photos would turn out

from the camera in my new

Apple IPad Pro.

Christa and I have been


wanting this new upgraded IPad

ever since September when it was announced.

I sold my IPad Air 2 to Christa's Mom.

I called mine


Here are a few of the photos I took.

I think the camera takes pretty good photos.

This photo below was a screen shot I took from the
December Country Living Magazine.
How adorable is this?




Pamela Gordon said...

I think your new iPad takes great photos! Loving those Blossom Time teacups. And I love the CL photo. Have a great weekend!

Christa said...

The photos look amazing. I can hardly wait for mine to arrive. Then we can really have a good time working together. Thank you so much for sending your "Old" iPad to my mom. She is over the moon excited to have received it this morning. You made her day. Heading into town to help her set it up. xoxo