Ice wine picking time...

With frost on the roofs,

as well as steam rising from the lake,

it looks like the remaining grapes left on the vines

will be picked for ice wine on Wednesday.

They must be picked and kept at -10 or more.

If the tempeture rising above -10 while being picked, then the wine must be labelled

"Late Harvest" and the price is

considerably less than "Ice Wine."


They will be picking Ice Wine at

Misson Hill Estate Winery,

as seen from our deck.



Country Gal said...

Ice wineries are very popular here in southwestern Ontario . Lovely photos , thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

sage and spirit said...

I've never heard of ice wine but I would definitely give it a try! And that photo of the frozen grapes....amazing!

Lorrie said...

Ice wine is so delicious - and expensive! That's a beautiful photo of the grapes with snow on them. Hope it's a successful year!

Christa said...

It looks like the conditions will be perfect for picking those grapes. Hope they will be successful with the pickings this year. Xoxo