Cookies for Claire...

I found the perfect box in my craftroom

for Claire's cookies and cards.

It already had a scalloped edge,

I added some pretty tape

her address and off into the mail it went.

I hope Jeremy and Julie take some photos when she opens it.

Now she will have a treat as well

as a note from me each week until April 2.




Pamela Gordon said...

That is so sweet Dagmar. I'm sure Clarie will enjoy opening every letter each day.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Christa said...

You are the best Oma in the world. Claire is so lucky to have you in her life. She will be counting down the weeks with every envelope until you return back home. I know she will love them and she will be contacting you somehow to show her how much she loves them and you. So sweet ... !!!! xoxo