Printing out my cards..

I get heavy water color paper,

cut them into a 6x4 size,

then send my vintage postcard photos thru the printer.

I made

"Mary riding a Burro"

as a Christmas card in 1981.

I have loved crafting for a long long time.




Country Gal said...

Very pretty it is nice to print ones own work ! We use the card stock paper and print our own cards for many occasions as well it is fun and we love to share our photos with others this way to also makes the cards and even calendars we do more personal . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

Log Cabin Studio said...

They look really nice Dagmar. Have a fun day crafting.

Christa said...

Love how they look ... you are so creative. Thank you for sharing the cards with me. I hope to create a few cards myself this year.

Pamela Gordon said...

A lovely idea. I should make some Christmas cards. Why do I leave these things so late!??